7 Mobile Strike Cheats Tips And Tricks For Beginners

mobile strikeMobile strike is no doubt a game that requires willpower, determination and tact. This is for the simple reason that without it, a strong military base will be lacking meaning low resources hence elimination will be inevitable. With the fact that building a military base full of competent players will determine ones success ones military wars are waged, here are some mobile strike cheats tips and tricks for beginners that will help.

1. Go On Missions

The purpose of this game is literally to undertake missions. Missions comprise researching the best warfare technology and building troops amongst many other things. With there being practically hundreds of things to do, the most important mobile strike cheat tip is choosing missions based on importance. With there being missions that are more important than others, one gains more on most important missions.

2. Collect/ Find Resources

When it comes to upgrading or finding new better equipment, thousands of games in the market always often require that one actually invest their own money. Unlike other games mobile strike works differently, as it lets all players gain resources by finding them in the game. In this regard another of the mobile strike cheats tips and tricks is always collect and find resources particular to the area. This simply means that if one is on a hunting ground, hunt as much as one can, same applies if one needs buildings to build as much as they require to gain more.

3. Join Alliances

Although this might seem like a bad idea at first but finding allies and joining hands is the only way to survive. This is for the simple reason that by joining alliances access to gold is instantaneously. On the other hand it opens doors to more important missions and gives more objectives to work with. gaming

4. Be observant

One of the most important mobile strike cheats tips and trick to always remember is observation. This particularly lies with finding allies to join alliances. In this caser finding allies should be done as the game progresses, as this will give each player enough time to distinguish between friend and foe. This way when raiding enemy outposts and gathering resources, unplanned attacks will not arise from those one thought as friendly.

5. Connect on social media

When looking for mobile strike that one does not have to work for and get instant bonuses, connecting online on social media is definitely the way to go. With this gold and other resources are acquired and one can also invite friends online to form the alliances.

6. Attack quitters

Even after forming alliances, there are those who simply give up on the way. In this regard forget about the alliance and attack them. However it is good to remember that even when turning on them, their stronghold remain enabling them to come back for revenge if they so will.

7. Be patient

Reality is that when it comes to building strong military base, resources are required. With mobile strike created to be slow in the finishing process, impatient ones are often forces to skip the process by using coins collected. In this regard each player should exercise patience and let the course run. This comes about as when one continues using coins, they soon remain penniless and vulnerable to attacks.

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